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To orientate parts of regular shape and a diameter greater than the height (small or medium size).
To avoid converting to other type of selection.
High (but also medium-low) rate of orientation and flow output.
Wide range of options to integrate the feeder even in harsh ambient conditions.
Ease of integration with upstream and downstream machines and control systems.
Excellent TCO (total cost of ownership).
Alimentatori meccanici Mech-o

UP TO 1.000 PCS/MIN.

Alimentatori meccanici


MECH-O honeycomb shaped feeders modular design; common structural groups built by mid-series batches; can be customized with a wide range of variables; over-sized kinematic components to withstand stresses from high speeds; self-protection devices, enabling automatic stop in case of jamming; use of materials and design concepts that enable their use in variously aggressive production environments, equipped with or without wiring and automation for in-line or off-line connection, designed to maintain efficiency over time and minimize maintenance costs.